Shenzhen Anak Technology Co., Ltd. is a commitment to industrial automation products sales, system integration and development and application of high-tech enterprises, the company's main servo motor, Japan Yaskawa servo motors, drives, motion controllers, industrial robots and other full range of products , And provide comprehensive pre-market after-sales service and technical support for mechanical manufacturers to provide comprehensive electrical products and systems integration, such as the supply of comprehensive services for manufacturers to save development and management of the necessary suppliers of human and channel costs. As a supporting supplier of machinery factory, we have the spirit of low-cost sales, long-term cooperation, the principle of reciprocity double surplus for customers to reduce product costs and reduce too many suppliers and poor management of the trouble. In terms of technical support, our company can provide customers with comprehensive support and protection; for better customer service, the company can target for customers to prepare a large spot, and provide frequency converter, servo motor repair services, with flexible operation, for Goods in a timely manner, the advantages of service in place, machinery manufacturers rare long-term partners.
        The main service industries: CNC machine tools, punching machine, elevator and lifting machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, dyeing machinery, textile machinery, mining machinery, glass machinery, laser equipment, winding machine equipment.
        Company 's main products: Yaskawa full range of products.
        Major projects: industrial automation control solutions, injection molding machines, central air conditioning, fan pumps and other energy-saving projects; large-scale multi-frequency conversion system (mainly mining machine, oil rig system);
        Sincerely look forward to providing you with satisfactory service for China's industrial automation and low-carbon development of the cause to do their Mianbaozhili!



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